Metal backed PCB

Vitek PCB has vast experience manufacturing single sided and double sided metal backed pcbs using metals such as Aluminium and Copper, we have access to various materials and offer very competitive pricing.


With recent developments of high intensity surface mount LEDs for various lighting products, requirement for Aluminium and Metal backed pcbs has increased. The bonded aluminium acts as a heatsink and dissipates heat away from the FR4 component of the PCB very quickly and efficiently.

Metal backed pcbs can be manufactured with Aluminium or Copper metal in various thickness, any soldermask colour and any legend colour, final profiling of metal backed circuits can be routed, punched, supplied as individual circuits or supplied in a v-cut panel.


Advantages of Metal backed PCBs
• Dissipates heat without using additional heatsinks.
• Reduces/eliminates the need for fan forced air cooling.
• Adds mechanical rigidity to product.
• Reduces the effect of thermal stress on all components.
• Cooling properties allow devices to be driven harder or de-rated
• Enables PCB size to be reduced.
• Reduces semiconductor junction operating temperatures.
• Improves product MTBF
• The Aluminium prevents access to the bottom of the board.
• Excellent EMI-EMC shielding characteristics.